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Leonardo’s Last Supper

Peter Greenaway

Presented in Season 2 2009

Presented by Melbourne International Arts Festival

10am – 8pm, Sat 10 Oct
10am – 8pm, Sun 11 Oct
10am – 8pm, Tues 13 Oct
10am – 8pm, Wed 14 Oct
10am – 8pm, Thurs 15 Oct
10am – 8pm, Fri 16 Oct
10am – 8pm, Sat 17 Oct
10am – 8pm, Sun 18 Oct
10am – 8pm, Tues 20 Oct
10am – 8pm, Wed 21 Oct
10am – 8pm, Thurs 22 Oct
10am – 8pm, Fri 23 Oct
10am – 8pm, Sat 24 Oct
10am – 8pm, Sun 25 Oct
10am – 8pm, Tues 27 Oct
10am – 8pm, Wed 28 Oct
10am – 8pm, Thurs 29 Oct
10am – 8pm, Fri 30 Oct
10am – 8pm, Sat 1 Nov
10am – 8pm, Sun 2 Nov
10am – 8pm, Tues 3 Nov
10am – 8pm, Wed 4 Nov
10am – 8pm, Thurs 5 Nov
10am – 8pm, Fri 6 Nov
10am – 8pm, Sat 7 Nov
10am – 8pm, Sun 8 Nov

20 mins
$10 / $5 Child 14 and under
Performances start every 30 mins (last showing starts at 7.30pm and the last showing on Sat 10 Oct is at 4.30pm)

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Contains audience will be standing for the duration of the presentation


Image result for Wheelchair accessible
Wheelchair Accessible

Look beyond the surface. You won’t believe your eyes.

Visionary artist and filmmaker Peter Greenaway gives new life to one of the world’s most iconic and mystifying masterpieces, merging visual arts,cinema, music and cutting edge technologies.

A master of cinematic magic, Greenaway has created an inspiring multimedia event in front of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

Through a groundbreaking combination of sophisticated technology and craftsmanship a perfect copy of the painting has been created the same size and to the same scale, featuring the same characteristics and texture of the original.Multiple accompanied by a pulsating soundtrack.

Afetr you’ve seen this amazing presentation, be sure to visit Domov Gallery, adjacent to Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall, and see a series of prints that demonstrate Andy Warhol’s fascination with The Last Supper.

A Vision by:
Peter Greenaway
Franco Laera
Visual Design:
Reiner van Brummelen
Marco Robinio
Clone Production:
Factum Arte

High definition Photography:
Digital Media Partner:
Commissioned by:
Cosmit Milan

Image by – Luciano Romano