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Journeys of Love and More Love


Presented in Season 2 2011

Australian Premiere
Presented by Arts House and Melbourne Festival

6.30pm, 9pm, Tues 11 Oct
6.30pm, 9pm,Wed 12 Oct
6.30pm, 9pm, Thurs 13 Oct
6.30pm, 9pm, Fri 14 Oct
6.30pm, 9pm, Sat 15 Oct
6.30pm, 9pm, Sun 16 Oct

60 mins
$85 / $63.75

Performed in English, Italian and Urdu with English surtitles

Price includes a tasting plate and wine on arrival

Arts House
Meat Market
36 Courtney St,
North Melbourne


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Wheelchair Accessible

Show Program:

Journeys of Love and More Love is the story of a man, the milestones in his life journey, and the people and food that influenced his development across continents and in between social and cultural divides. It is a live event: a one hour live performance, a multi-screen visual experience and three course tasting meal.

The story is the personal tale of Ali Zaidi’s migration journeys from Bombay to Lahore to London chronicling the loves and lives of his friends and family and the food he encountered along the way. It intersperses personal and public archive images and historical events with interview footage of contemporary migrant stories in Naples and London, ranging from academics to streetsellers, business entrepreneurs to illegal workers.

By fusing his own experience with the life of migrant people encountered throughout his life, Zaidi opens up wider questions about identity and the sense of belonging in a world where things are constantly on the move – the incessant fluctuation between being a guest and being at home.

Warm, colourful and yet melancholic, Journeys of Love and More Love unfolds stories of cultural and geopolitical mobility and displacement, where ‘love’ is the driving force that allows questions to be asked and connections to be made.

Recipes by:
Ali Zaidi
Video edit, compositing & animation:
Daniel Saul, Katerina Athanasopoulou
Sound Design:
Andy Pink
Lighting & Production:
Steve Wald
Paolo Favero
Video documentation in Naples:

For motiroti
Ali Zaidi
Executive Producer:
Rachel Feuchtwang
Executive Director:
Tim Jones

Image by – 3 Deep Design with Jeff Busby