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Imagined Touch:
The Deafblind experience

Jodee Mundy Collaborations

Presented in Season 2 2016

Presented by Arts House

7pm, Wed 7 Sep
6pm & 8pm, Thu 8 Sep
6pm & 8pm, Fri 9 Sep
6pm & 8pm, Sat 10 Sep
3pm & 5pm, Sun 11 Sep

50 mins

Arts House
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne


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Wheelchair Accessible

Suitable for ages 12+


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What’s the world like without sight or sound? Extraordinary.

Featuring deafblind artists Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens, Imagined Touch is a unique and immersive shared experience – a tactile and visceral step into each other’s worlds, through live art, theatre and sensory performance.

Touch is the main way that deafblind people navigate, communicate and connect with others. Yet, in a society where touch is not encouraged, deafblind people also grapple with universal questions of isolation, access and human connection. In Imagined Touch, altered and restricted light and sound, intensified touch and tactile communication reshape and transform the audience world. Experiencing the artists’ stories and performance in a profoundly different sensory environment, participants literally meet Lawson and Stevens through an imagined touch of the senses – and leave with a new awareness of the other and themselves.

Artistic Director:
Jodee Mundy
Performers, Collaborators
& Consultants:
Heather Lawson & Michelle Stevens
Composition & Sound Design:
Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Set, Light & Visual Design:
Jenny Hector

Social Communications & Haptics Consultant:
Dennis Witcombe
Stacey Baldwin
Mark Sandon, Marc Ethan, Dennis Witcombe , Georgia Knight, David Pidd & Christopher Dunn

Supported by –  Imagined Touch is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria; the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and the Ministry for the Arts’ Catalyst—Australian Arts and Culture Fund; Able Australia; and the Besen Family Foundation.
Image by – Jeff Busby