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Lois Weaver

How to... Talk to People

World Premiere
Presented by Arts House & Melbourne Festival

11am, Sat 7 Oct
120 mins


Arts House
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Your ticket to Lois Weaver includes the Survival Skills of three more artists!

Lois Weaver (How to… Talk to People)
In these divided times, it’s crucial that we talk to each other. Our survival depends on it. We need to find ways to sit at the same table, to acknowledge the things we care about, to wonder about the future and to ask the difficult questions.  Join artist Lois Weaver as she introduces her Public Engagement Systems, a series of projects that re-appropriate domestic spaces and comfortable traditions in order to provoke a different kind of dialogue. From broad questions to intimate stories, these projects ask what it might mean to think, and feel and talk intimately in public.   What do we share? How do we differ? How are ‘we’ counted and who is included?

And then you’ll get some top tips from …

Frances Tapueluelu (How to… Make an Axe & a Spear)
The Tongan people have survived two catastrophic events; First Contact and sea-level rising, but this has left them climate change refugees. A third catastrophic event, a nuclear war perpetrated by Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, has annihilated a lot of the human race, leaving Frances as the sole surviving Tongan. Now living in a camp of only woman and children, she lives on the outskirts of the camp as she is an outsider, however she provides the camp with the tools in which they need to survive with, and that is a an axe and a spear.

Selena de Carvalho (How to… Free Birth)
Selena de Carvalho is in a shack; also know as donga. She’s wrapped in a hot-pink mosquito net, on a nineties, twin seater office chair.  She is in the dry tropical scrub, 80 kilometres out of Darwin, and our donga has waist high rock walls, a tin roof, 240v power and bore water, it’s not transportable, but feels temporary. A bit like living in a luxury post-modern cave. I’m trying to breathe, sitting still, roving through the surrounding environment with my mind.

Jen Rae (How to… Crunch from Nature Strip to Plate… Bugs & Weeds)
You’re hungry.  You haven’t eaten for days. What edible delights could be growing on the nature strip or crawling in your backyard?  This cooking demonstration will mix and match bugs and weeds into tasty protein shakes and energy bars.  Join Melbourne artists Jen Rae on her quest for a new delicious recipe to make it into the Fair Share Fare Future Proof Survival Guide.


Vicki Couzens (How to… Make Rope)
Fibrecraft; refers to fine art whose material consists of natural or synthetic fibre and other components, such as fabric or yarn. Fibrecraft is fundamental knowledge and skill for survival. Rope and string are used in weaving bags and baskets, ties for clothing and belts and so on.  Making rope will skill you up to survive and thrive.  You can’t live without it.  Especially post apocalypse!