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FOLA Gift Shop

Paul Gazzola & Invited Guests

Presented in Season 1 2016

Presented by Arts House
As part of FOLA 2016

5pm, Wed 2 Mar
5pm, Thu 3 Mar
5pm, Fri 4 Mar
2pm, Sat 5 Mar
5pm, Wed 9 Mar
5pm, Thu 10 Mar
5pm, Fri 11 Mar

Arts House
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne


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Wheelchair Accessible

On invitation from the Festival of Live Art, the FOLA GIFT SHOP by OSCA is your chance to purchase items from festival artists and makers, both national and international. Precariously placed as a commercial venture within a subsidised arts arena, the FOLA GIFT SHOP by OSCA proposes an economic strategy open to anyone and everyone who would seek to contribute items for sale.

Cash sales or alternative transactions are made by agreement. Revenue goes 100% to the artists. All items are gift-wrapped, stamped and tagged with artist details.

Browse and net your festival souvenir as you decide where art ends and commerce begins.

Concept & Design:
Paul Gazzola

Image by – Sarah Walker