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blood of my blood

Jada Narkle

Presented in Season 1 2023

blood of my blood: Jada Narkle
Co-commissioned and presented by YIRRAMBOI, VicHealth and Arts House
World Premiere

Friday 12 – Saturday 13 May 2023
7.00pm Friday
2.00pm Saturday

30 minutes

Allies $25
General $20
A small transaction fee will be charged per order.

Onstage smoke effects, loud music and sound effects.

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Assistance Animal
Assistive Listening
Companion Card
Visual Rating 50%
Quiet Space Available
Wheelchair Accessible

Please note: This show is no longer double billed with Them Voices by Lara Kramer

blood of my blood by Jada Narkle

i am the voices of the mothers before me

the forgotten blood

surrendering to the lines which cry out for me

the ones buried in nyitting

i adorn myself with faces of skin and bone to sever the wounds that have been buried

the vessel poisoned

until a new form is called into question

one with dreams to quiet the suffering

finding solace in the between

to find home


return to the old ones

blood of my blood is an inquiry into the body’s morphing shapeshifting adaption within this post-colonial dystopia. It is a breath into new worlds, to sever the many forms called across nyitting and to carry all facets of self to return home. This work is a look into intergenerational trauma, intersectionality and the many faces First Nations people wear to navigate a reality which seeks to erase them. A litany for survival of futures past.


About the artists

Jada Narkle
Jada Narkle (Kooljak) is a multidisciplinary, collaborative artist and Noongar yorga, from the Wiilman and Yued tribes of Western Australia.

Jada’s practise prefaces the deep and intricate understanding and exploration of interconnectivity. Through this knowledge they are recontextualising their understanding of time and space, the body’s interaction and endless navigation of these as non-linear concepts.

As a Blak woman, Jada aims to facilitate spaces with softness and vulnerability. Their creative process is demonstrative of ancestral connections, genetic memory, intersectionality and trauma pathways, which manifest in movement, language, poetry and installation. Jada understands this to be a continual holding of Noongar kaartdijin across and throughout the Nyitting (time and space) in which they occupy.

Jada recently graduated from Sydney Dance Company’s Pre Professional Year (2021). Since graduating Jada has gone on to work full time at Australian Dance Theatre (2022). Jada has also previously worked with Yirramboi festival (2021) for their Barring Yanabul program where they were commissioned for the first iteration of their solo work “Yorga”. They were also a collaborator with Na Djinang’s award-winning show “Arterial”.

Wytchings (Jenny Trinh)
Wytchings is a project from Western Sydney artist, Jenny Trinh. Growing up, she would often be found in the art room, headphones in and doodling until the blank pages of her sketchbook were filled up. Those times with her head in the clouds always brought her comfort - she has always been enamoured by the teleportive nature of music.

In 2018, she participated in New Age Noise (formerly known as All Girl Electronic) where she explored electronic music production properly for the first time, creating dreamy, film-inspired sounds evoking that of space and water.

She has performed at a variety of shows from debuting at 2019's 'Club 4A' to 2022’s ‘Essential Tremors’, and has also created original scores for 2022’s Soft Centre (‘Transmutations’ with Leeroy New & Red Rey pres. ‘Aliens of Manila’) and 2023’s BrandX’s Ground Zero (‘Spoons’ with Saskia Ellis).

Her debut EP ‘Neptune’ was released in 2019 and her second EP, 'Oculus' was released in winter 2020 via Lazy Thinking Records. The final chapter of her 'Neptune' trilogy – 'Psamathe' was released in spring 2022, and it features the single "Fata Morgana" which was nominated for 'Song of the Year' at the FBi SMACs Awards 2022.


blood of my blood
Producer: Jada Narkle
Conceived, Created, Set & Performed: Jada Narkle & Dempsey Narkle
Sound Design: Wytchings (Jenny Trinh)
Lighting Design: Alex Nguyen
Outside Eye: Saskia Ellis
Cultural Consultant: Dempsey Narkle

Supported by

blood of my blood has been co-commissioned by YIRRAMBOI and Arts House through the City of Melbourne, and VicHealth.

Image Credit: blood of my blood, Courtesy of the Artist, Photo by Jeff Busby

Image Description: A person standing against a black background. They are wearing a black dress and their back is facing the camera. They are hunched over with their arms wrapped around them.