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Darren O’Donnell

How to… Survive Social Discomfort

World Premiere
Presented by Arts House & Melbourne Festival

5pm, Sun 8 Oct
120 mins


Arts House
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Your ticket to Darren O’Donnell includes the Survival Skills of three more artists!

Darren O’Donnell (How to… Survive Social Discomfort and Locate an Ember of Love Within People Whose World View You Hate)
During this, the Great Polarization of the early 21st Century, one of the most important skills to develop is to learn how to not only survive the uncomfortable presence of people with abhorrent political views, but actually find even the smallest ember of humanity within them to love. Using basic social acupuncture methods, Darren, will help you love discomfort and your enemies.

And then you’ll get some top tips from …

Dexter Fletcher (How to… Use Blu Tak in Order to Survive a Social Crisis)
In 1970 laboratory assistant Alan Holloway was working for a sealant manufacturer when he inadvertently produced a product that was useless as a sealant, but pliable and semi-elastic: Blu Tack. Since that time Blu Tack has been a source of comfort and strength for the renting classes who have used it to decorate, repair and otherwise make habitable their disintegrating, overpriced abodes. Blu Tack is among the many tools that people already use, and will continue to use, in order to negotiate the social crisis of a class society. Not to Attach Any Fixture: A Social History of Blu Tack and its Uses and Abuses among Members of the Renting Classes, will reveal Blu Tack’s history and significance. No prior experience with Blu Tack necessary (but you probably already have some).

Matt Wicking (How to… Master Your Melancholy and Deal with Despair)
Hurry. We don’t have long. Can you hear the drums? Can you hear the distant guns? We are not safe. Yes, you are powerful. But you are not a God. Nor are you the point and purpose of life on this planet. Collectively, we are pulling the rug from beneath ourselves. How can we live well with that knowledge? How can we hold the weight of this moment and still move lightly forward? This is one set of survival skills you won’t want to be without; emotional buoyancy for the Titanic times to come. Grasp it while you can.

Peta Murray (How to… Die with Grace)
Dying is a social act. Doctors die differently than the rest of us; usually with less intervention and often in the comfort of their own homes. For the rest of us mortals, the end is seldom so serene. Fewer than 5% of Australians make any kind of preparation for our dying days. Our wills are unwritten, and our send-off plans unshared. In this presentation we will sit vigil and consider what we most value and what we might wish for as a life ends. In collaboration with Jane Murphy and Rachel Burke.


David Wood (How to… Run)
After the bullets, power and water have run out, it will still be possible to win fights by 100 metres.  Running is a one legged activity that involves flying.  Everyone can fly. The speed at which you do so is possible to control through delicate attention to a combination of attainable attributes: range of motion, form and force applied to the ground.  David Woods will teach you to soar and attain “The God Moment;” a liminal state of bliss between intra-personal energy systems while running.