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Cut the Sky


Presented in Season 1 2016

Presented by Arts House
As part of Performing Climates 2016

7.30pm, Wed 10 Jul
7.30pm, Thu 11 Jul
7.30pm, Fri 12 Jul
2pm & 7pm, Sat 13 Jul
2pm, Sun 14 Jul
65 mins

Meat Market
5 Blackwood St,
North Melbourne


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Dance, video, poetry and song are breathtakingly combined in a major new work from intercultural and interdisciplinary company, Marrugeku. In a burnt landscape a group of climate change refugees faces yet another extreme weather event. Propelled back and forward in time, they revisit conflict with mining companies, the destruction of fauna and the relegation of the marginalised, while contemplating the gift of life and the life-giving force of the sun. Butterflies swarm searching for water; dancers disintegrate into the light. A song is sung, calling for rain.

Like climate change itself, Cut the Sky is both local and international – bringing together artists from Europe, Asia, Africa and remote and urban Australia. An ambitious and poignant meditation on humanity’s frailty in the face of our own actions, Cut the Sky showcases Marrugeku’s unique contemporary vision –restless, taut and unwavering.

Dalisa Pigram &
Rachael Swain
Edwin Lee Mulligan
Rachael Swain
Dalisa Pigram & Serge
Aimé Coulibaly
Hildegard de Vuyst
Musical Director:
Matthew Fargher
Media Designers &

Visual Concept:
Sonal Jain & Mriganka
Madhukaillya (Desire
Machine Collective)
Set & Costume Designer:

Stephen Curtis
Lighting Designer:
Damien Cooper
Cultural Adviser:
Patrick Dodson
Co-created & Performed by:
Miranda Wheen
Ngaire Pigram
Eric Avery
Josh Mu
Dalisa Pigram
Edwin Lee Mulligan

Supported by – Cut the Sky has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; the Western Australian Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts; and the University of Melbourne; and the City of Melbourne through Arts House
Image by – Bryony Jackson