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Sam Routledge & Dylan Sheridan

Presented in Season 1 2016

Presented by Arts House
As part of FOLA 2016

7pm, Tue 1 Mar – Sat 5 Mar
7pm, Mon 7 – Tue 8 Mar

Individual sessions every 15
minutes from 7 – 9.45pm

Expresso Carwash
246 Nicholson St,

Take your car to the carwash and give it a ritual cleansing for the android age.

As the looming carwash robot goes about its work, tune in to a synchronised soundtrack from inside your vehicle, matched to the robot’s graceful movements. ‘Immersive’ in more ways than one, Crush takes place amid the hiss of water jets and whirr of brushes – an automated ceremony for gears and ears, curiously evoking the drive-in cinema.

Cocooning the audience in that most familiar of spaces – the car interior – Crush imbues a banal task with ceremony and takes a sonically powerful look at the future of our relationships with machines.

Sam Routledge &
Dylan Sheridan
Sam Routledge
Dylan Sheridan

Ceremonial Consultant &
Ritual Text Collaborator:
Victoria Spence
Jane Longhurst

Supported by – Crush was originally co-commissioned and produced by Junction Arts Festival and the Salamanca Arts Centre through Like HyPe, Launceston, 2015; and the City of Melbourne through Arts House.
Image by – Gregory Lorenzutti