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Of The Causes of Wonderful Things

Talya Rubin

Presented in Season 2 2011

Presented by Arts House

7.30pm, Thurs 11 Aug
7.30pm, Fri 12 Aug
3pm, Sat 13 Aug
7.30pm, Sat 13 Aug

65 mins
$30 / $25

Arts House
Meat Market
36 Courtney St,
North Melbourne


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Wheelchair Accessible

Themes and subject matter suitable for children over the age of 13, at parents’ discretion.

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When Esther Drury’s five nieces and nephews mysteriously disappear, she begins a search to find them that leads her literally underground.

The work plays with scale and perspective as it takes the audience to worlds above and below and travels to a Town Hall that is a surreal portal to the dead.

From the police officer who ineptly investigates the disappearances, to Esther’s sister and her abusive French puppet boyfriend, to Esther’s Japanese neighbour, the story weaves dark comedy with tones of Faulkner and the Southern Gothic.

Of The Causes of Wonderful Things is an intimate and intricate new solo that explores what happens when five children disappear from a small town in the American South. Immersed in a noir and atmospheric world, this implicates the viewer as witness to the darkness that unfolds around them.

Other worldly, deeply human, visionary and darkly beautiful, this piece examines the redemptive power of confronting darkness.

Talya Rubin
Nick James
Sound Design:
Hayley Forward
Lighting Design:
Richard Vabre
Visual Design and Concept:
Talya Rubin

Supported by – Of The Causes of Wonderful Things has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.
Image by – Heidrun Löhr