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Are We the One?

Keith Armstrong, David Finnigan & Robert Henderson

Presented in Season 1 2016

Presented by Arts House
As part of FOLA 2016

5pm, Wed 2 Mar
5pm, Thu 3 Mar
5pm, Fri 4 Mar
2pm, Sat 5 Mar
5pm, Wed 9 Mar
5pm, Thu 10 Mar
5pm, Fri 11 Mar

Arts House
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne


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Wheelchair Accessible

A custom phone app links you and someone you’ve never met, as you simultaneously use the app to record a personalised walk for each other. You’re in it together, but apart, crafting each other’s experiences, special moments or surprises from a distance.

How will you shape your companion’s journey? What do your choices tell the other person about you? At the end, you can choose whether to meet in person and decide: “Are We the One?”.

Keith Armstrong &
David Finnigan
System Design:
Steve Berrick
Futuring Designer:
Robert Henderson

Supported by – In Your Hands was commissioned through Arts House and the Australia Council’s New Digital Theatre Initiative.
Image by – Jody Haines