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Alice Pung

How to... Write Your Life into Fiction

World Premiere
Presented by Arts House & Melbourne Festival

2pm, Sun 8 Oct
120 mins


Arts House
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne

Your ticket to Alice Pung includes the Survival Skills of three more artists!

Alice Pung (How to… Write Your Life into Fiction)
Your life is full of interesting things that happen to you and you alone, and of course there is a meaningful story to be found in it all.  Right?  It’s just listening to everyone else’s solipsistic anecdotes that take you into insufferable territories.  Right? Alice Pung is going to teach you how to tell life stories.  You will become an avid storyteller who’ll transcend the personal without becoming didactic or, horror of all horrors, overly ‘precious’?  After a session with Alice, you will have some splendid insight into how to hail the true-life people you love and creatively hide the ones you hate through the power of prose!

And then you’ll get some top tips from …

Dexter Fletcher (How to… Use Blu Tak in Order to Survive a Social Crisis)
In 1970 laboratory assistant Alan Holloway was working for a sealant manufacturer when he inadvertently produced a product that was useless as a sealant, but pliable and semi-elastic: Blu Tack. Since that time Blu Tack has been a source of comfort and strength for the renting classes who have used it to decorate, repair and otherwise make habitable their disintegrating, overpriced abodes. Blu Tack is among the many tools that people already use, and will continue to use, in order to negotiate the social crisis of a class society. Not to Attach Any Fixture: A Social History of Blu Tack and its Uses and Abuses among Members of the Renting Classes, will reveal Blu Tack’s history and significance. No prior experience with Blu Tack necessary (but you probably already have some).

Quashani Bahd (How to… Convince People)
It’s time to be convincing.  Quashani is an artist.  But secretly, she is a debating champion. Or will she convince you otherwise? Head along to this Survival Session and get some quick tips on how to work with what you know, what you’ve got, and possibly twist the rest to convince people you actually know-it-all.  Hear how alternatives-truths and fact-framing will help you convince the world your argument is right.  And everyone should get on board.

Malcolm Whittaker (How to… Push Your Luck (and Get Away with It))
Andy Warhol once said: “Art is what you can get away with”. Philosopher Arthur Danto expressed similar sentiments in defining what art is, basically: It is art because someone says it is art. Artists have been pushing their luck and getting away with it for years, in both their projects and all manner of personal and working relationships. Could the pushing of luck be a vital skill for survival in a post-apocalyptic world, where somehow “getting away with it” will be most necessary?  Join Malcolm Whittaker and find out.