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A Mysterious Illness

Daniel Jenatsch

Presented in Season 2 2018

World Premiere

4pm – 9pm Wed 7 nov
10am – 9pm, Thurs 8 Nov
10am – 9pm, Fri 9 Nov
1pm – 8pm, Sat 10 Nov
1pm – 6pm, Sun 11 Nov
10am – 9pm Wed 14 nov
10am – 9pm, Thurs 15 Nov
10am – 9pm, Fri 16 Nov
1pm – 7pm, Sat 17 Nov
1pm – 5pm, Sun 18 Nov
10am – 9pm Wed 21 nov
10am – 9pm, Thurs 22 Nov
10am – 9pm, Fri 23 Nov
6pm – 8pm, Sat 24 Nov
3pm – 6pm, Sun 25 Nov
15-min video loop

Arts House
North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry St,
North Melbourne


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Wheelchair accessible

On 21 February 2005 at Melbourne Airport, 57 people were affected by a mysterious illness and hospitalised. Early reports attributed the illness to the distribution of an unknown gas via the airport terminal’s air-conditioning system. It was initially feared this may have been a terrorist attack by unknown hostile international agents. However, evidence of such a gas was never found.

This is A Mysterious Illness: a multimedia installation utilising archival materials, and a reconstruction of the day 57 Melbourne Airport visitors were hospitalised, cause unknown.

It is unlikely we will ever know what caused the outbreak of A Mysterious Illness; however, in reconstructing these events, this work aims to discover what remains to be known about them.

Writer & Director:
Daniel Jenatsch
Sophie Perillo
Carolyn Schofield

Synth & Piano:
Carolyn Schofield
Additional Music & Sound Design:
Daniel Jenatsch
Technical Assistance:
Alifeleti Tuapasi Toki


Supported by – A Mysterious Illness is supported by the City of Melbourne through Arts House and was developed through CultureLAB.
Image by – Daniel Jenatsch