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2008 Next Wave Festival

Program One

Presented in Season 1 2008

Presented by 2008 Next Wave Festival

This Is Now
6pm, Thurs 22 May Opening

Please Hold
6pm, Thurs 22 May Opening

Four Rogues
8pm, Thurs 22 May Opening

Arts House
Meat Market
5 Blackwood St,
North Melbourne


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Wheelchair Accessible

This Is Now –
Sebastian Moody
This Is Now examines the way that society’s unconscious desires manifest through the language of advertising. Utilising market-research generated data and presented in real advertising spaces, Moody’s ads become ‘superadvertisements’ in a series of insightful statements of social understanding.

Please Hold –
Declan Kelly, Halcyon Macleod, Alison McNicol, Sam Routledge
Using text, illusion and live sound design, Please Hold observes the intimacy and solitude of a relationship, surviving solely down the phone line. Please Hold asks whether the technology of telecommunications encourages us to be further apart with the assurance of bringing us closer together 

Four Rogues –
Helmsman Pete and The Tar Gang
Four Rogues presents a series of intimate vignettes, merging wild storytelling and music with highly expressive visual performance. These four short pieces come together to create a richly atmospheric display of ramshackle theatre.

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Supported by – From dance to theatre to visual art to architecture, Next Wave has specifically curated an Arts House, Meat Market arts program that’s designed to challenge, excite and explore the Festival theme, Closer Together.
Image by – Sebastian Moody from Getty Images