Melbourne International Film Festival

Arts House and Melbourne International Film Festival are delighted to announce a new partnership focused on experimentation, new technologies and untold stories.

In a world now thoroughly digitised, artists are pushing the boundaries of where the live experience takes place. Through this partnership with Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) and via other soon to be announced programs, we are excited to support artists to fully experiment with and explore a broad array of new technologies, and present new and significant works of scale in this field.

Melbourne International Film Festival celebrates film and storytelling, presenting an immense, culturally and linguistically diverse program each year that brings our city alive through cinema in all its forms. Since 2016, MIFF VR has been an integral part of the MIFF experience, bringing the frontiers of virtual reality storytelling to sold-out Melbourne audiences, identifying and bringing game-changing artists to Melbourne, and championing the new voices and the new possibilities of this exciting and emerging space as technology takes our sense of creative risk-taking off the map.

Arts House and Melbourne International Film Festival are collaborating to bring innovative, singular and compelling new works at the intersection of technology and storytelling to Melbourne audiences this year and into the future.

In 2019, North Melbourne Town Hall will transform into a hub of immersive VR experiences, headlined by The Waiting Room by creatives Molly Reynolds, Rolf de Heer and Mark Eland.

All tickets on sale 12 July.