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An ethereal conjunction of light and sound

Take a final peek at Arts House's latest treasure chest of sensory riches.

Arts House audiences are always swept up by our light and sound works – from regular collaborator Robin Fox’s sensory spectacles to the many artists who have been part of our SPECTRAL mini-seasons, these events provide collective release and personal perspective, both meditative and ecstatic.

Take a glimpse at next week’s SINK and you’ll enjoy a taste of the transcendent visuals created by Carla Zimbler both for the show and in the Arts House foyer. If Carla’s not yet on your radar you’re missing out big time. Her work has transformed Sydney Opera House and National Gallery of Australia, and featured at VIVID and the Sydney Mardi Gras.

Last year she scored rave reviews for Brian Eno’s iconic Music for Airports in concert, with the SMH stating that her visuals “elevate the concert not only to the next level but to hitherto unexplored worlds.” Big claim, but Carla’s work marks her as a true light and projection sorcerer.

Audiences will can view Carla’s installation SHIFT displayed in the Arts House foyer prior to the show. This piece explores the nature of phosphenes, the glowing light inside our eyes absorbed and emitted by cells in our retina. This visual phenomena, also known as ‘prisoner’s cinema’ combines phosphenes with the psychological impact of sensory deprivation and darkness. 

Come check it out for yourself.

SHIFT - Carla Zimbler

The SINK teaser comes courtesy of Simona Castricum who has released the music video for Grateful for the Heartache, recorded during a dress run for SINK in July. 

The song is a tribute to Daphne Camf, Simona’s collaborator in music outfit SaD, who passed away earlier this year. The song encompasses emotions of loss and grief while also being driven by an undercurrent of celebration.

When Simona was interviewed by Lauren Taylor and Simon Winkler from RRRFM about the release of the song she said: “After she passed I didn’t know a way forward, other than to articulate my feelings through music. I doubted if I could, and then this came out. I felt a need to punctuate this time, to find some closure, or a bridge between this time and what might lay ahead. Daphne taught me a lot about radical acceptance, something I’ve had to lean into a lot in the last 2 years to push through.”

SaD have been nominated for Best Electronic Act at this year’s Music Victoria Awards. Congratulations to both Simona and Daphne for this accolade.

SINK really will be a night to sink into: experience how projection, lights, electronic music, heartache, architecture and gender nonconformity come together in a large scale but intimate encounter.


Image: SINK by Simona Castricum X Carla Zimbler. Photo by Bryony Jackson