Ticketing: Collection Notice

Personal Information is any information that could identify you or another individual in connection with your ticket purchase. The Personal Information we collect includes names, billing addresses, mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.  We also retain other Personal Information in connection with your online account such as purchase history and payment records.  The collection of this Personal Information is a requirement to book our events. When making a booking you will also be asked whether you seek access services in connection with your booking. Recording a request for access services could indirectly disclose Health Information about you or another individual. The recording of a request is required to receive our access services.  We do not ask you to provide reasons for requesting access services. The Personal and Health Information collected is stored by TicketSearch Pty Ltd (“TicketSearch”) with Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) on servers located in Sydney. Ticket Search also assigns a unique ID number to your account which Arts House will use internally to identify you in connection with your account.  TicketSearch will retain the Personal and Health information until we cease our use of the TicketSearch platform in which case the information will be removed from the AWS servers after 20 days from cessation of services. The TicketSearch privacy policy is available at https://bo.ticketsearch.com/privacy-policy . Ticket payments are made through the SecurePay Pty Ltd (“SecurePay”) payment gateway which is managed by Australia Post. When you make a purchase SecurePay stores a record of your payment which it manages in accordance with the Australia Post privacy policy available at https://auspost.com.au/privacy . TicketSearch and SecurePay do not store your credit card details other than your last 4 digits and expiry date. We collect your Personal and Health Information for the purpose of providing you with our services in connection with booking and attending our performances. This includes notifying of you of any upcoming shows and performances which we think could be of interested to you based on your previous booking patterns. The Personal and Health Information will not be used or disclosed for any other purpose without your consent. Please refer to the City of Melbourne privacy policy for more information.