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The Children’s Party is hitting the campaign trail as Australia’s first single issue children’s political party. Everything from policy ideas and key messages through to banners and slogans will be dreamed-up and double-spoken by a team of young people.

We are offering three free workshops for 8-12 year olds – you can come to one or all of them! Through a professionally-led workshop, participating children will create logos, banners and slogans for The Children’s Party, conveying their policy ideas and key messages. Each session will involve participatory exercises and artistic games where children can develop their opinions, beliefs, and values. Sessions are facilitated by Alex Walker and Ben Landau and the core young members of the emerging Children’s Party.

You are also invited to attend The Children’s Party Convention on Sunday 24 September 4-5pm at Arts House, where the whole audience will participate in a political event like no other.

We believe that young people are powerful cultural agents and this workshop program is a chance for children to engage in democracy – not only as citizens of the future but the citizens of now. Politics and arts is a heady mix and we can’t wait to see what you have to share!

If you have any questions please contact Dan Koop on 9660 9604 or